Dogs: Each dog gets his/her own run. The run area is divided into two sections: one section for eating and sleeping which is approximately 4′ x 4′. The second part of the run is the ‘outside’ area and is approx. 4′ x 12′. This area is enclosed, much like a porch. We can heat it in the winter and open it up in the summer, while still protecting the dogs from the heat and rain. All the kennels are heated in the winter, and we have large exhaust fans and some nice shade trees to keep summer-time temperatures down.

The runs are separated by chain link fencing. This allows the dogs to see each other as well as bark and ‘play’ safely. Each dog gets his own water container which is refreshed daily. Large dogs get a two-gallon bucket while the smaller guys get a two quart pan. The run areas are cleaned as often as necessary. 

Cats: Each cat gets his/her own area that is 4′ x 4′ and approx. 4′ tall. These runs are raised off the floor about 3′ to give the cats a more secure feeling. There are ledges that they often climb up on to get an even higher position. The runs are separated by a mesh fencing for a more open atmosphere.